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Pounce Automatic Interactive Cat Toy

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  • Never let your cat get bored with this Interactive Mouse Pounce Cat Toy! This toy is the perfect way to ensure that your furniture stays safe while your cat keeps itself occupied. 
  • The Interactive Mouse Pounce Cat Toycomes with a cute plastic mouse that runs around the circumference of a plastic turntable. Since this is a mobile toy, it allows for your cat to stay healthy by providing the necessary daily exercise. The toy is also an excellent tool for your cat’s mental stimulationand reflex training.
  • If your pet seems anxious or stressed, this Interactive Mouse Pounce Cat Toymight just be the tool for optimum relaxation. You can easily control the speed of the turntable according to your cat’s liking! The toy comes with four built-in speed optionsand a smart setting where the toy turns off automatically after more than 10 minutes of inactivity.