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No Hide No Meat Salmon Dog Chew - Small

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No-Hide is the super-healthy, long-lasting, and mind-blowingly tasty chew. There’s no-thing like it on Earth. The meaty flavor glaze on our No-Meat No-Hide is made with the power of plants. Its deliciously aromatic fusion of flavor tastes like meat – without the meat!

- NO-THING LIKE IT ON EARTH: Veterinary innovated and formulated. No-Hide Chews provide long-lasting enjoyment, entertainment, and boredom busting. Dogs bring us pure joy; No-Hides allow us to give them pure joy. Rawhide- and formaldehyde-free.

- CHEWS JOY: The super-healthy, long-lasting, and mind-blowingly tasty chew. No-Hide Chews taste amazing and are made with limited ingredients. Proudly mixed, rolled, and baked in Lancaster, PA. Made in the USA

- SAFETY FIRST. ALWAYS: Make sure you know your animal’s chewing style and that you Chews the Right Size. If in doubt, size up. Never leave your dog unattended during the chewing process. Puppies get their license to chew at 6 months old

- ANOTHER WAY: We are dedicated to enhancing and preserving quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth. We do this by providing another way – a more trusted, humane, and sustainable way to change things for the better, one Earth Animal at a time

Chews the right size.
Small (Dogs 10 - 39lbs)
Medium (Dogs 40 - 69lbs)

Ingredients : Brown Rice Flour, Agar-Agar, Eggs, Oats, Dried Yeast, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors (Imparts Salmon Flavor), Molasses, Beets, Olive Oil, Banana Powder, and Pineapple Stem.

CRUDE FAT 6% min
MOISTURE 14% max