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Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds X-Tire Ball Dog Toy

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Animal Sounds X-Tire Balls dog toy is a pair of small tires ruggedly molded as a single ball with a hollow center and an animal sounds babble ball inside. They're easy for dogs to retrieve; they have a fun rolling action. They're molded from Flexi PVC so they're durable, smooth, safe and fun!


  • Every ball makes more than 20 realistic animal sounds, including a lion, frog, coyote, dog, pigs, horse, rooster, elephant, cow, goat, cat, and a variety of birds.
  • Sounds are activated by touch, and turn off automatically. This is the ultimate in pet entertainment. Dogs can't get enough of this toy!
  • Now comes with replaceable batteries.
  • Measures 5" for Large
  • Measures 3.5" for Medium