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Puppy Training Line

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Teach your puppy how to behave. The Company of Animals Puppy Training Line is a lightweight lead used in the house to interrupt bad behaviour without the need for confrontation or misunderstanding.

1. Simple and easy to use
Suitable for all breeds and ages of dog, the Training Line is easy to get the hang of and blend into day-to-day life.
2. Lightweight
Super lightweight and 2.5m in length, your puppy will barely notice they’re wearing a lead, allowing you to maintain your distance but stay in control.
3. Perfect for indoor use
This lead is great for indoor house training ¬– stopping your puppy getting on the sofa or stealing your favourite shoes for a chew.
4. Jumping up
The Puppy Training Line is also a very helpful tool to prevent jumping up friends or visitors at the door.
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