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Cloud Nine Silver Vine

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This is the real deal!  Cloud Nine silver vine is a natural powder that makes cats feel good and it is processed in the USA.  It contains pure, fresh, potent, silvervine which helps bring variety and spice to your cat's life.


  • Non-toxic
  • Non-addictive
  • Provides added enrichment
  • Relieves stress and anxiety

When exposed to Cloud Nine, cats enter a euphoric state that mimics catnip, except it is more potent due to the presence of two cat attractants as opposed to catnip's one.  A little sprinkle goes a long way and it doesn't take much to make cats happy. Learn more about why your cat should be on Cloud Nine silver vine here.

The only way to know if your cat will like it is to try it. This Sampler pack will help them decide. If they love it, you can purchase more in regular or large sizes.  

This Sampler comes with a 5g pot filled with pure silvervine powder along with a small cloud toy.