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Dog Lift Harness

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The Mighty Paw Dog Lifting Harness gently helps lift your pet’s hind legs which makes it perfect to support dogs with arthritic hips, DM, spinal stroke and those recovering from ACL/CCL surgery.

To use it, place the fleece-lined support pad under your dog’s belly so that it’s close to their hind legs. Adjust the straps to fit your size and use the comfort handle to hold them. Now you can guide your pup into the car, onto furniture, up & down stairs or to go potty.

  • Heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Supports dogs with mobility problems
  • Easy to use
  • Strong metal hardware
  • Built to last
  • Soft fleece interior lining
  • Removable comfort handle with grip support
  • Comfort for you and your dog
  • Adjustable sling straps
  • For all size dogs
  • Machinewashable
  • Easy to clean