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Dual Doggie Retractable LIGHT Leash

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Wigzi's Dual Doggie Leash is a non-tangling, retractable double dog leash that allows you to walk two dogs at the same time, while maintaining individual control of each one. Enjoy our powerful new L.E.D. which is rechargeable and removable. This light is the brightest available anywhere in the world and lasts for hours. Recharge your light with the built-in USB and simply attach on the side of your leash with ease. 

Double Retractable Leash Features:

  • 1 Powerful Rechargeable L.E.D. up to 30 feet
  • Two retractable leads 
  • Soft touch handle (non-gel)
  • 10 foot lead length for each dog
  • 50 lbs max dog weight per lead
  • Reflective leads for safety
  • Independent braking with color-coded buttons