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Fabcat Tiki Toy

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Fabcat Tiki Toys are cute, tropical-themed toys for your cat! Each toy is infused with North American-grown catnip and is compatible with all Fabcat Teasers. These toys are lightweight and made of plush material, making them perfect for your cat to bat, pounce on, and capture.

Sold as a single toy. There are five different toys available, please allow us to select the perfect toy for your cat! See the specifications tab for further details.

  • Plush toy for cats - Tiki-themed
  • All toys are compatible with Fabcat Teasers
  • Perfect for cats who love to bat, chase, and pounce
  • Infused with North American-grown catnip
  • 5 different toys available - Please allow us to select the perfect toy for your cat