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Da Bird With Pull Apart Rod

Da Bird With Pull Apart Rod

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Da verdict is in: The cats are CRAZY about Da Bird! And here at vet-n-pet DIRECT we'd have to agree!

Cats find this toy irresistible and you and your cat will have hours of fun with this best-selling interactive toy that mimics the motions of a live bird in flight. This realistic feather toy activates the cat's hunting instinct and is a great way to exercise your cat.

Da Bird with Pull Apart Rod consists of a 91cm fiberglass rod that disassembles for easy storage, braided nylon string and aerodynamically configured feathers that mimic the action of a REAL bird in flight. You won't want to miss this very fun toy!

If you have not witnessed first hand a cat's reaction to Da Bird, then you have no idea what you are in for!

We suggest replacing your Da Bird feathers when they are worn. Simply unhook the feathers from the swivel attachment, discard the worn feathers, and attach the replacement feathers onto the swivel.

Replacement feathers available. Assorted colors, allow us to choose for you.

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