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Safety Kitten Collar with Bow

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Dress your precious kitten to impress with the Li'l Pals® Safety Kitten Collar with Bow! This collar features a variety of bow styles to give your fluffy friend a stylish pop of fashion. It's specifically sized for petite cats and kittens to provide a secure and proportional fit. Plus, its expand-and-release safety design easily releases your kitten in case of entanglement. Choose your favorite look and give your kitten eye-catching style!


Perfect for Small Cats and Kittens. Trendy Embellishments.


Ideal for everyday use by kittens and petite cats.


  • Perfectly sized for kittens and petite cats.
  • Trendy bow embellishment offers a stylish look.
  • Expand-and-release design easily releases kitten if entangled.
  • Provides kittens with a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Soft material improves comfort.