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Pet Corrector

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All dogs have their good and bad days. But with Pet Corrector, you can get back to what really matters… enjoying life with your pet. Inspired by nature, Pet Corrector quickly and simply distracts your dog from unwanted behaviors like barking, jumping up, being aggressive, place avoidance or stealing food, it can also help defend you and your dog from other dog attacks.

1. Stops unwanted behavior
Whether you’re struggling with barking, jumping up, bad house manners or aggression, Pet Corrector provides a distraction that enables you to retrain and reward your dog. Loved by millions of owners around the world, Pet Corrector helps you put a stop to bad behavior.
2.Inspired by nature
Created by renowned dog behavioral expert Dr. Roger Mugford, the Pet Corrector uses compressed air to mimic the natural warning hiss that swans and other animals make. When used as part of Dr Roger’s tried and tested W.A.G. training technique, you can disrupt the unwanted behavior, giving you the opportunity to teach your dog the rules of the house
3.Simple to use
When you witness bad behavior, act immediately and give one short burst. Remember to direct the can away from your dog as they only need to hear the noise. When your dog stops the unwanted behavior, give them a command (e.g. quiet) and reward them, either with lots of praise or a tasty treat.
4. New & improved design

The latest release of Pet Corrector features a brand new can design, making the training aid easier and more reliable to use. The new built-in safety cap means it’s simpler to use and no longer requires an additional safety lid, so it's quicker and easier to interrupt those unwanted behaviors.

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