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Drinkwell 360 Fountain Carbon Filters (3-Pack)

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Keep your cat and dog’s water fresh and filtered with Drinkwell® 360 Fountain Carbon Filters. This filter 3-pack is compatible with the Drinkwell® 360 Pet Fountain.

These pet fountain filters have activated carbon and a duo-density polyester pad to help catch pet hair and debris and remove bad tastes and odors to keep your pet’s water fresher, longer. The water filters also have a pull tab on top so you can easily replace the filter. We recommend changing your carbon filter every 2-4 weeks for best fountain performance. Your pet deserves clean water with every sip. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Activated carbon and duo-density polyester pad provides long-lasting filtration
  • Filter removes pet hair, debris, bad tastes and odors from your pet’s water
  • Natural activated carbon made from coconut shells
  • Pull tab allows you to easily replace the pet fountain filter
  • Replace filters every 2-4 weeks for best fountain performance
  • Compatible pet fountains:

    System Includes

    • 3 carbon pet fountain filters