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Dog Trainning Door Bell - Premium Leather Collection

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The Premium Leather Collection features super supple Italian grade upholstery leather. A durable, yet elegant option for your shoppers. Available in six décor friendly colors. Colors may vary due to natural leather markings. 

All PoochieBells are individually handcrafted, with USA made lead free, smooth, safe, reinforced bells which are designed especially for your pooch. Look for the paw print insignia designating a true PoochieBells®. Each comes complete with two sets of bells measuring approximately 26″ from your doorknob or hook, and easy proven training instructions. 

• Every PoochieBells® comes complete with EASY training instructions, bell training is 95% successful when implementing our suggested training method.
• PoochieBells® are the perfect combination of function and design.
• Two sets of strategically-placed bells that are carefully folded and snapped securely into place. This design allows for all breeds (sizes) to reach the bells.
• Our bells are custom made especially for us and are crafted from heavy duty metal with a polished finish (not ordinary craft bells); so, they won't be destroyed, ensuring your dog's safety. Four bells on each Poochie-Bells unit allows you to easily hear them ring, but not so loud that they are overbearing.  Look for the paw print insignia, designating a true PoochieBell.
•Top snap opens to fit and adjust for any door handle type.
• Great for travel, no messy installation, designed to hang over any doorknob.
• Endorsed and preferred by professional trainers and breeders.
• For dogs 10 wks to 16 years+, all dogs can learn this behavior, bell train your dog in days!