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Sleepy Sheep Onesie

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Keep your dog warm this fall / winter season with these comfy fab dog™ PJs.
Pajamas are sized 8”-24”.
Machine Washable.

All of our products are made with the finest materials and safest hardware. With quality in mind, our expert craftsmanship and exclusive designs sets us apart from the pack.

Our incredibly versatile collections run the gamut from classic chic to hip and edgy and everything in between. No matter what the occasion, fab dog features the perfect look.

Because after all…Any accessory can make your dog look good; we make sure your dog looks FABULOUS!

In order to calculate your pooch’s size, you’ll need to measure your dog’s length from the neck to the base of their tail, which serves as the primary measurement in our clothing. The neck and chest measurements will help ensure you select the correct size for your dog in particular product style you desire.

Size Length Chest Neck
8" 7-9" Up to 11" Up to 12"
10" 9-11" Up to 13" Up to 13"
12" 11-13" Up to 15" Up to 14"
14" 13-15" Up to 17" Up to 15"
16" 15-17" Up to 19" Up to 16"
18" 17-19" Up to 21" Up to 17"
20" 19-21" Up to 23" Up to 18"
22" 22" Up to 32" Up to 20.5"
24" 24" Up to 34" Up to 22.5"
28" 26-29" Up to 36" Up to 23.5
32" 30-34" Up to 41" Up to 27"
36" 35-37" Up to 43" Up to 32"