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Rhinestone Bone Step-in Harness

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Exclusive, Super Soft PU Leather Flip Case/Cover/Pouch/Holster Door Strap. This unique harness is specially designed to help develop your easy to wear and to be mixed and matched to a growing dog from puppies to young dog to set. This harness is lightweight and has soft strap made of faux leather, which doesn't have the dog's head, it's the inside of the front legs and the chest. It features a removable 4 '(1.2 m) Long Lead, make sure that no buckles required to keep them secure: only need to the double handle for a perfect fit. The elegant blue Knochencharme Rhinestone Accent on the double toggle, makes it not only practical, but also very stylish. The ideal choice for stylish harness

  • Soft straps go around the front legs and around the chest, not over the head
  • Super soft PU leather
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Includes removable lead
Sizing  Weight
XXS Up to 4lbs
XS Up to 6lbs
S Up to 9lbs
M Up to 12lbs
L Up to 16lbs